Divine recipes, luscious photographs – this is your first cookbook and you look forward to those big royalty checks. So what’s your marketing plan for this book? What are you doing to increase sales?

New writers often think the publisher arranges for all publicity. Not true. As the writer, you have most at stake so it will benefit you most to take a proactive stance when it comes to promoting and selling your cookbook.

Much of the research can take place while you are planning and
writing your book. Visit bookstores and study the cookbooks that are on the shelves. Note the different types of cookbooks and who are writing them. Discern which books are your direct competition for sales. Create ways to make yourself stand out.

After your book is at the publisher but before it is released
contact magazine editors, ezine publishers and website owners. Ask if they will review your book and wait for a reply before you incur the cost of shipping.

Write articles or offer excerpts from you cookbook to magazines that cater to your audience.

Tap your local newspaper for interviews and reviews. Pick up the
phone and ask for a feature reporter (look for bylines in the
features, lifestyle, or Sunday special sections) and offer yourself up as the subject of an article.

Build a website using your name or your book’s name as the domain. Take all those published reviews, articles, newspaper features and anything else anyone has said about your book and link to it, or excerpt it. You can also use quotes from reviews in any press release you send out.

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